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Friday, November 4, 2011

Studying Lutheranism 101

One of the participants in our Monday evening Bible group wrote

I really like this text we're working with and it seems to be really helpful for a lot of people in our group! I know a few have said they've looked at it on their own time which is also great!

The text she is referring to is Lutheranism 101 from CPH, which is proving to be a great blessing to Christians who want to delve further into the doctrine they had learned from the Small Catechism back in their Junior High years.

Isn’t it surprisingly refreshing to hear that there are some college students in this day and age who are actually reading a book?

As a campus ministry pastor, I appreciate how Lutheranism 101 is helping to layout the richness of the Christian faith.  Participants get a glimpse into our Lutheran Confessions with quotes in text boxes throughout the pages marked as “Believe, Teach and Confess.”  Supplementary resources are available from CPH like a study guide, leaders’ guide and power point slides.  I use these intentionally to make the reading of the book truly a Bible Study, and so, by the help of the Holy Spirit, we move from gaining the head knowledge of Christian concepts to truly hearing and believing the Word of God.

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