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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Martin Luther's Birthday

Today is the anniversary of Martin Luther's birth  (10 November 1483 – 18 February 1546).

Luther College students in our campus ministry will be watching the Luther movie this weekend. For those unfamiliar with the life and times of Luther I have recommended and distributed copies of  Luther: Echoes of the Hammer.  This new book from CPH is a quick and easy way to learn who's who and what's what in the rapid flow of the sometimes confusing movie.

Earlier this fall I enjoyed watching middle school students engaged in the history of the great reformer as they read Luther: Echoes of the Hammer.  I had to smile when several students in my catechism class told me that they finished it well before it was due; they didn't want to put it down. Some students allowed their siblings to borrow the book.  Parents mentioned to me that they enjoyed it as well, and learned something.

I'm anxious to hear more feedback from college aged people.  The intial reaction is that it's "cool".

Although Luther: Echoes of the Hammer is billed as a graphic novel, I can understand Andrew Craig's disappointment that it fails to meet the expectations he had for a work supposedly done in this genre. But overall, I am in happy agreement with the great majority of postive reviews. Many are welcoming this new tool available to us who teach the next generation about Martin Luther and  his work.

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