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Monday, May 6, 2013

Notes on Large Catechism -- Baptism

A Study of
Luther's Large Catechism

as found in Concordia: the Lutheran Confessions, A Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord edited by Paul Timothy McCain, Second Edition, Concordia Publishing House, © 2006.

Those in the Ark were saved by water. Genesis 7 & 8
engraving by Gustave Dore

All Who Believe and Are Baptized
By: Thomas H. Kingo

All who believe and are baptized
Shall see the Lord's salvation;
Baptized into the death of Christ,
They are anew creation;
Through Christ's redemption they will stand
Among the glorious heavenly band
Of every tribe and nation.

With one accord, O God, we pray,
Grant us your Holy Spirit;
Help us in our infirmity
Through Jesus' blood and merit;
Grant us to grow in grace each day
By holy Baptism that we may 
Eternal life inherit.

1st Published in: 1689

Read in the Large Catechism Part 4 BAPTISM pages 423 to the top of page 428 in Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions.

1.                  In paragraph #1, Luther says that without the sacraments a person "cannot be a Christian". How can Luther make such a bold statement about the sacraments? (Hint: for baptism in particular, see #23-24)

2.    What will help us trust in baptism without doubting, according to paragraphs #3-6

3,         3.  People think of Baptism as being just an external and therefore optional act.  What makes it priceless and precious? (#8)

4.         4. Who baptized you?  (#10)

5.         5. You may want to underline or highlight St. Augustine's definition of a sacrament. (#18)

6.        What is the one reason God instituted baptism?  (#24 and 1 Peter 3:21)

7.     What comfort can you find in Acts  2:37-38?

      Does Peter's command here, "Repent and be baptized." imply that youa re saved by a work you do? Why or why not? (#36)

8.                  What comfort can you find in John 3:3-5? (See also #25)

9.                  How should Christians use their Baptism?  (#44)

Read in the Large Catechism Infant Baptism pages 104 to 109 and answer the following questions:

1.                  What is one piece of evidence that God is pleased with infant baptism?

 2.                  Some might say that infant baptism is invalid because infants don't believe.  How is this a mistaken sentiment? (#53 & 55)

 3.                  In paragraph #60-63, Luther hits on the real reason why some have difficulty accepting infant baptism.

 4.                  What does Luther refer to as a 3rd sacrament?  (#74) How is it related to baptism?

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